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Everyone knows that Bourbon has been a huge growth category over the last ten years. Around 2011 is when things started to get crazy! At that time there was an ocean of older bottlings sitting on shelves all over the country and people started searching near and far to scoop up what they could find. As demand grew, distilleries started to deplete their stocks of aged whiskey and soon found themselves unable to supply long standing brands that contained older juice. Distilleries were forced to remove age statements, discontinue brands, and force strict allocations of their product until they could “catch up”. Bourbon is not made overnight so “catching up” was going to take some time and investment. Most distilleries saw that the demand was going to continue so they invested millions in new capacity to pump out more juice. The problem is that it takes at least four years and six to ten to get to the sweet spot!

The point of this brief history lesson is that the things we used to get a lot of now are almost nonexistent. We decided that if we always wanted to have Bourbon to sell that we were excited about then we needed to start doing barrel picks. A barrel pick is just what it sounds like. We go to a distillery, taste a bunch of samples, buy the entire barrel, bring it back to the store and sell it to our customers.

We take this “job” seriously! We always try and go to the distillery so we have a story to tell, have met the people behind the juice, and have better and more choices to choose from. There are a lot of stores with barrel picks out there that have never tried a sample before purchasing. We feel like we have developed a loyal following with our picks over the years and our customers trust our palates! If we buy a barrel and put it in the store, you can be assured it’s a solid bottle. We are more than happy to give you a sample before you buy one!!! We try and do 6-10 picks a year and have done over 40 to date. Here are our current offerings.

Excellent Staff

Staff are very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Great selection of craft beers from all over, lots of wine, and high end spirits. Good beer on draft. Drink while you shop!

Awesome Place

This. Place. Is. Awesome! We come here for amazing wine and fun times with our friends! They have a fully stocked bar where you always meet new people and the staff is amazing!

Exceed Expectations

Blown out of the water with the beer and bourbon selection. Wine is great as well, but this spot could easily be in Louisville!


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